Preschool Art, Music & Spanish

Preschool children are given the opportunity to create art on a daily basis. Some art projects are structured i.e. gluing objects such as cotton or button and precut items on a construction paper canvass. Others are much more free-flowing like painting at an easel. Music is done with children during circle time twice a week. Children will learn simple songs in English and, for those children interested, songs in Spanish will be taught as well! Activities that teach simple Spanish vocabulary is also provided to interested students. Many music and art activities are created to align with the monthly character building theme or the weekly instructional theme.


  • Structured Art Activities

  • Unstructured Art Activities

  • Children’s Songs in English

  • Children’s Songs in Spanish

Knowledge of the World Around Us and Character

Every week children enjoy activities centered around a theme. The themes of each week in a particular month are related to give children an in-depth look at a particular area. Themed activities include stories, art projects, songs and exploration. Each month children also learn and practice positive character traits such as cooperation and kindness in an age-appropriate manner.

Examples of Topics and Character Themes

  • About Me / Citizenship

  • Holidays around the world / Kindness

  • Animals / Cooperation

School Readiness Programs by Age

Intentional instruction in emerging reading, writing and math skills is given to students during teachable moments in the morning hours while children rotate from one learning station to the next. Age appropriate activities ensure that children enjoy learning while progressing towards academic goals. We monitor each child’s progress on skills they will need to be ready for Kindergarten. Special attention is given to creating a love of literature in each child and creating a reading culture where kids and teachers talk about the books and stories the read and like.


  • Letter Knowledge

  • Number Knowledge

  • Fine Motor Skills Development

  • Children’s Literature on a Variety of Topics

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