From The Executive Director

Dear Parent,

It is with great joy that this year I opened the Little Learning Preschool. As a mother of two, I know what it’s like to search for the very best setting for my children whether it’s daycare, preschool or regular school. It isn’t easy. There is a lot to consider including the affordability of any given program. And because every child is different, there is not a one-size-fits all approach.

My teachers and I are passionate about providing hands-on activities in all subject areas–reading, math, science, art and music. These activities are age specific for 2, 3 and 4 year olds so all of our students success at their level.

To help you get to know the Little Learning Preschool, below please find our Mission Statement and What We Believe. If you like what you see, please give me a call at 727-266-4101 and I will give you a personal tour of our newly renovated facility and show you our exciting full-day preschool program–one that will motivate your child and inspire their imagination.

Yours Truly,
Susana Alvarez


Mission Statement

At the Little Learning Preschool it is our mission to take advantage of teachable moments to excite and educate children so they can reach their full potential. We do this through play and intentional instruction in a safe and loving environment. Our world is made up of individuals. We all do better when people are motivated, educated and compassionate. Our program creates the foundation for each of these important qualities so our children will thrive now and into the future. In a world of thriving people we will all do better.

What We Believe

We Believe In:

Creating an relaxed education environment

No one learns well when they are stressed out–especially kids. Stress and pressure lead children (and adults for that matter) to shut down. Education in a relaxed and caring setting gets the best results.

Play-based instruction

A playful environment that stimulates creativity and learning is one that kids want to come to. Our students love to come to the Little Learning Preschool.

Taking a holistic approach

Little Learning Preschool teachers take a holistic approach that helps children develop socially, emotionally, physically, linguistically and intellectually. We provide Intentional instruction during teachable moments. We respect and value children as individuals by addressing each child’s unique needs and interests. That includes making sure that each child is ready to learn before we teach them!

Documenting and celebrating progress

We believe in observing, planning, documenting, evaluating and reflecting to support each child’s progress. We support families from diverse backgrounds and work hand in hand with parents and caregivers to provide their preschooler with the very best care possible. We help children to be proud of whom they are so they can achieve their fullest potential.


We believe in communicating fully so any concerns staff or parents have about a child’s progress can be acted upon in a professional, prompt and compassionate manner

Character development

Building a safe, home-like environment where children have a sense of belonging is key. Helps in the development of the child’s feeling of self-worth, independence and self-discipline. We believe in providing positive role models, guidelines of sensible and responsible behaviour and giving children the opportunity to make their own choices and learn from their decisions in a safe setting.

Being the best we can be!

We provide ongoing professional development to our staff and share knowledge of best practices with parents, colleagues and the community. Learning is a lifelong endeavor–especially for teachers!

“With the care, skills and patience of the preschool staff, my son’s communication skills have improved, he’s more extroverted, confident, AND has better manners.”

Rashelle Muhammad, Mom of 2-year-old

“My daughter loves her teachers. She claps her hands and squeals every morning when I tell her she’s going to school! ”

Malia Smiley, Mom of 2 year old


Contact us with any questions!